Treat the Health Concerns of Men naturally
This article intends to provide adequate information to the readers about the men health problems and their treatment.

Why the health problems of men are often discovered late?

The health concerns of men seem to have worn away as health issues of women have come to the front of media and medical attention. Most men take their health concerns seriously only when they become too sick to work or in too much pain to overlook an issue any longer.The health of men and potential problems are many and just as serious as many health problems of women and necessitate yearly checkups as well. Men’s health concerns are often ignored and some are discovered too late to offer assistance or care.

What types of conditions only affect the male genders?

Experts say that as males only have one copy of the X chromosome, many illnesses are passed from mother to son. Women are usually less affected or are simply carriers of the disease. Most of the common diseases that affect men are possibly avoidable, but one needs to know their causes. However, the presence of certain diseases increases the probability that another will happen. Some of the conditions that affect only the male genders are listed below:

  • Male infertility: It is completely wrong to say that infertility is a problem only with women as in about one third of cases; infertility is due to the male factors. The indications of infertility in men may include weight gain with excess fat in the abdominal parts, loosing hair, dryness and wrinkles of the skin, abnormality in erection, mental depression, nervousness, extreme sweat, and fall in the male libido levels etc.
  • Premature Ejaculation:  This sexual dysfunction can affect man irrespective of his age.
  • Frequent Urination: Men also may suffer from bladder or prostrate infection which causes frequent urination.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: Also referred to as impotence; it can be caused due to physical or psychological condition.
  • Low Libido: This is usually caused due to low testosterone levels. Testosterone levels drop due to age, medications and drug use as well as chronic diseases.
  • Prostate enlargement: This usually affects men in the age group of fifty and more. This causes difficulty in urination, frequent urination and difficulty in emptying the bladder

How Natural Medicine helps in treating conditions that affect only the male genders?

Sundardas Naturopathy clinic helps in treating all these conditions by the help of Naturopathy and acupuncture and Visceral Manipulation. As the cause of each condition can differ greatly from one individual to another, it is important to have a proper analysis and effective customized treatment. This is why the physicians here combine Physiological Regulating Medicine, TraditionalChinese Medicine and Functional Medicine to give each patient the most wide-ranging treatment.


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