22 Digitals | Digital Products & Services with IT Training Facility in Dhaka
22 Digitals is an internet company and training facility based concern of SAYEM GROUP in Bangladesh, creating digital products and providing tech solutions that people can use and be benefited in terms of daily life and work convenience.

It developed and working with digitals projects now as "Merchant Bay", "Ek Nojor", "Hot Ryde", "Sneaker Squad BD", "LUCID", "1 Percent Foundation" to provide tech solution in the industry of Bangladesh. At the same time, 22Digitals.com has identified and understood the growing digital skillset need of the industry. Hence, It is offering few professional training and courses specially Digital Marketing course, where people will get to know the latest trend, tips and tricks of the professional, IT and digital world from certified trainers assuring tremendous growth and development in career. 22 Digitals works with e-commerce and f-commerce clients advising and servicing SEO and Digital Marketing supports to boost up their company's digital growth. More on: www.22digitals.com


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