A Guide On Types Of Watches
The timepiece has always been and will always be a valuable resource in life.

The timepiece has always been and will always be a valuable resource in life. Watches are of many types and can be differentiated with different movements, styles and functionality. Whether it is branded watches for men or women, movement is the most integral part of the watch and comes in three general varieties, defined by the kind of energy that powers the movement.

Automatic Movement:

 Weighted rotor is added to the mainspring and that weight spins around the spring when the watch is worn. These watches are exceedingly versatile, low maintenance, reliable and diverse in range.

Quartz Movement:

Quartz watches use batteries and crystals to remain wound. Crystals are vibrated using an electrical pulse and the energy harnessed from the vibrations through the crystal keeps the watch powered. Modern watches generally use quartz movements and they are available in a limitless range of styles and materials.

Manual Movement:

Manual movement is the earliest calibre of the watch. The movements solely rely on the mechanics of a mainspring being wound by the hand. These watches are designed with complex mechanics which leadto the production of superior-quality products.

 Though watches are most commonly brought because of their aesthetics, accuracy is the most important in watches. Accuracy is the most important among all other functions.

 In manual movement watch, though it keeps the time well, they are more prone to variation and the watch may stop unexpectedly

 Automatic watches have accuracy roughly the same as manual and might get stopped occasionally and need to be reset.


Quartz crystals are the best among all others. Most cheap branded watches use quartz movement, as it keeps the most accurate time.

When it comes to style, your options are many, you have to choose what is best for you according to your profession, occasion, style and requirement. In the infographic below, we have gathered some of the best watches one can choose according to movement, style and functionality.

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