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Bicycle NSW is the best online Bicycle NSW News in South Wales, we On behalf of our Members, we advocate for infrastructure and positive changes for bike riding within NSW.

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AboutBicycle NSW

Bicycle NSW is a member based association established as anot for profit community organisation in 1976. We have small team of 5 fulltime and 1 part time staff members.

Our Members receive global, comprehensive (personal accidentand public liability) rider insurance and a range of other benefits as well asadvocacy and legal support. 

Bicycle NSW is governed through a Member-elected volunteerBoard. 

Bicycle NSW is affiliated with more than 30 Bicycle UserGroups (BUGs) across NSW. We work closely with these BUGs in advocating withState and Local Governments for safe bicycle infrastructure.

Our Mission

Bicycle NSW is the peak advocacy body for bike riders in NSWhas been representing NSW bike riders since 1976.

Our objective is:

“Creating a better environment for all bicycle riders”

Bicycle NSW seeks to bring about a change in the culturaland behavioural stance in support of mainstream bicycle use. Bicycle NSW alsoadvocates for improvements to the built environment to allow a bicycle to beused as a viable and safe transport option.


We are guided by our core values:

Honest & Trustworthy: Our staff and the Board adhere toethical principles and best business practices. We operate in a transparent andaccountable manner. We treat your personal information and anything you sharewith us as confidential and protect your information.

Inclusive & Community Minded: We embrace diversity andinclusion and welcome all riders to our organisation. We work collaborativelyand support community organisations such as BUGs and charity organisations forthe benefit of the bike riding community and the mutual benefit of ourorganisations.

Dedicated & Committed: We are dedicated to our missionin creating a better environment for all bicycle riders in NSW. We arecommitted to providing superior service to our Members and we strive to providehigh quality content based on factual data, experience and knowledge.

Strategic Plan

View our Strategic Plan.


Bicycle NSW has a small but dedicated staff who collaboratewith a wide network to create a better environment for bicycling.

Find out more about the staff.

Environmental Trust

The Bicycle NSW Environmental Trust was established in 2003to promote bicycle riding as an environmentally beneficial means of transport.The Trust helps Bicycle NSW continue its valuable work of getting more peopleriding bikes through its program of events, advocacy, community building andmembership.

Find out more about the trust


The Board of Bicycle NSW is an essential part of theGovernance structure of Bicycle NSW. Just as a traditional Board represents the shareholders of anorganisation, the Board of Bicycle NSW represents the members of BicycleNSW.  Each year, elections are held todetermine which Bicycle NSW members will fill the positions vacated by memberswhose term has expired.

Board members provide Bicycle NSW with contacts andexpertise across a variety of industries, helping to make Bicycle NSW a focusedand professional organisation.  The timeand effort invested by the Board members is invaluable and yet is provided freeof charge.

Read about the current Board Members here.

Annual General Meeting

Please click here for more information on the 2022 AGM.

Read previous AGM booklets and annual reports here.


The Bicycle NSW Board acts in accordance with the rules ofBicycle NSW as set out in the Constitution and associated Regulations.

The documents explaining the Constitution and associatedregulations are listed below:

Bicycle NSW Constitution

Bicycle NSW Board Regulation – Delegation of Authority

Bicycle NSW Board Regulation – Board Charter

Bicycle NSW Board Regulation – Direct Voting

Bicycle NSW Board Process Guidelines

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