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If a funeral home engages in reckless behavior in the way it treats your loved one’s remains, you may be eligible to receive compensation. The funeral home negligence attorney in Boynton Beach from the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato can handle your funeral negligence case. Call us today at (954) 633-8270.

Funeral Home Negligence Lawyer Boynton Beach

When preparing to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed away, you put a lot of trust in a funeral home. The funeral home must properly follow state statutes in Florida when handling your loved one’s remains, making all of the arrangements with the proper dignity.

Sometimes, though, a funeral home may take advantage of a grieving family by cutting corners. The negligence of the employees and/or owners of the funeral home may cause your loved one’s remains to be mishandled, leading to significant mental and emotional trauma.

Regardless of whether the funeral home behaved negligently on purpose or by accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation for many items, including your emotional suffering. Count on a trusted funeral home negligence attorney in Boynton Beach to handle your case with care.

Call the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato today at (954) 633-8270 for a free consultation. We will devote the time required to achieve the best possible settlement for your funeral negligence case and know who has right to sue for funeral negligence.


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