Counter Online: Click counter & Tally counter
Counter is an easy counting app for android. You can add multiple counters with custom names. Also set required values in every counter. For tasbih counting & for mantra counting, this app is a very handy tool to operate through your smartphone.

Counter Online Click counter & Tally counter


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All Excellent Apps are happy to announce the release of our new app Counter Online: Click counter & Tally counter – It is an app that will help you to count anything, with an easy approach. Available for  Android & IOS users.

This app is a handy tool to operate through your smartphone. The Counter Online app assists its users in Digital Counting by allowing them to count digitally without exerting any effort. We can say Freedom from a physical counting machine and also from paper notes.

Counter Online app is very easy to use. You only need to have just a smartphone in order to use the app. The App also works as a tally counter machine with absolutely amazing features.

You can easily add different categories, check the detailed statistics, organize counters in groups, set counts with different colors.

The whole world is turning towards digitalization, with a counter online app, one can count religious Mantra, or can use as a Tasbih counter, it can also be used as a score counter for sports such as cricket, football, hockey with that, people who are fitness enthusiastic can use the application for counting their push-ups, pull-ups & many more.

The CEO of All Excellent Apps has said that” The App will be of great use for all the people, it will help users to count even more accurately with very fewer efforts. Unlike the traditional method of pen and paper, Users can easily save their data”.

The online counter is a multipurpose application to count things easily with clicks. Use this application as an easy, handy tool available on your smartphone for counting.

Download Counter Online: Click counter & Tally counter 


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