DeFi Smart Contract Development: The Backbone Of Decentralized Finance Ecosystem
A smart contract development company can take your blockchain business years ahead. Here is everything you would like to know about DeFi smart contract development.

Since 2017, DeFi protocols have placed a significant step in the finance industry, and this popularity has been increasing every day now. Considering the statistics on, the TOTAL VALUE LOCKED (USD) in DeFi smart contract development is $43.47 billion. DeFi has witnessed exponential growth with MAKER DOMINANCE of 18.17% this year. Most DeFi protocols are developed on the Ethereum blockchain, but new ones with unique individuality are being launched over time. While this financial sector grows, the need for smart contract development companies and DApps has also risen in order to perform complex tasks. According to a recent study by State of the dApps, out of 3017 DeFi applications, 2,970 of them run on Ethereum’s network. Most of the DeFi apps are composed of Solidity. Some major examples are Cardano, Algorand, Ergo, and more.

Investments Favoring Defi Smart Contract Development

DeFi services can be categorized into two different parts, decentralized exchanges (DEX), and decentralized applications (DApps). DEX allows the users to exchange coins securely without interruption, making it the best choice for many people. At the same time, you have to be careful with decentralized networks as the money once transacted can’t be claimed back. A smart contract development company makes the decentralized finance ecosystem better. There will be no DeFi or DeFi Dapps without smart contracts.

These smart contracts are computer-coded programming codes with decentralized finance protocol functionality. They can drive DeFi protocols in the right way and work effectively. Every DeFi DApp needs an audited smart contract to execute its functions properly. DeFi smart contract development services eliminate the need for central authorities to automate DeFi transactions. According to a recent Coingecko survey, more than 90% of smart contract users have made a massive profit of 500%. This indicates that smart contracts are simple to adopt and use, even for those with no technical knowledge.

The Importance of Connecting With A Smart Contract Development Company

The fact that DeFi smart contracts keep changing the rules and building blocks for the blockchain, and also eliminate the central authority by providing much greater security. Consulting a smart contract development company would help to serve the core purposes perfectly. Smart contracts can hold funds within themselves, which is nearly impossible in the traditional world. As per the process, when both the parties complete the financial transaction, they set sanctions for non-fulfillment and also place digital signatures. This idea seemed so tempting to investors that approximately $38 billion is locked in DeFi platforms in the current times. Thanks to DeFi smart contract development that everything has gone so far. The smart contract automatically determines whether the predefined conditions are met and then decides the financial transactions accordingly. The system can now impose a fine on participants who don’t meet the terms of the agreement.

PROS of Having Smart Contracts in DeFi Space

High-end Security- Hacking smart contracts is completely impossible, which ensures 100% safety. When smart contracts are made by an experienced smart contract development company with a team of trained programmers, the reliability of decentralization increases. Experts even suggest that DeFi smart contract development gives the most trusted storage of documents in the digital world today. Smart contracts are securely developed and audited properly to make the transactions non-alterable.

Accuracy- Smart digital contracts are executed automatically. Hence, all the transactions and other information get stored in a digital format on a decentralized ledger called the blockchain. Due to the automatic execution and no manpower involved, it eliminates the error and makes the whole process accurate.

Great Speed- Users may have to wait for several days or weeks to transfer the token as it all depends on the intermediary. Now taking the instance, if parties want to exchange tokens on Monday but the intermediary doesn’t operate, how will it be processed? With a smart contract development company, such problems just disappear. The contract can be executed in a few seconds after meeting the initial criteria. DeFi smart contract development services make the token swap easy and quick. It completely eliminates the long process of lending, borrowing, etc. As a result, all the financial functions are automatically executed speedily by online contracts.

Decentralization- Smart Contracts perform each DeFi function or transaction in a decentralized network, which is highly immutable. Similarly, the standard contracts are expensive and involve a huge risk of hidden costs for enforcement and arbitration. There can be issues with reusing the contract. But this is not the case in smart contracts. They are responsible for the swapping of tokens between two parties that could be used by anyone. In the ideal traditional case, they would have to sign separate contracts and pay a certain commission to the intermediary.

Reliability- Apart from enforcement and arbitration, fraudulent activities are also included in hidden costs. The intermediary has to make sure the tokens are legitimate before initializing the exchange process. DeFi smart contract development services protect you from scams as well. Fraud is very common in traditional finance, but not in the case of DeFi smart contracts. Here, tokens can be verified on the blockchain using the correct digital signatures. This makes it evident that the users have the right to spend their tokens securely.

Find A Top-notch & Trusted Smart Contract Development Company

DeFi smart contract development is a crucial aspect of the financial system today. The digital finance industry based on blockchain has already exceeded unprecedented amounts at the beginning of 2022. With the launch of metaverse and AR, there is so much more to witness in upcoming years. However, it all requires a fundamental understanding of the blockchain network, the cryptocurrency sector, and knowledge of how to sign a good smart contract development company.

Wrapping Up

DiFi helps create a robust financial infrastructure in this blockchain era. There are no entry barriers, complete transparency, efficient processes, and low-cost transactions that have resulted in the immense growth of Defi applications.

Antier Solutions, a renowned smart contract development company has enough knowledge and resources to provide you with the best-in-class DeFi solutions.

We have subject matter experts who comprehend your needs and create easy-to-use applications. We aim to accomplish your goals with complete transparency. DeFi smart contract development will always remain an uptrend! It’s time for you to get up and step ahead towards development.


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