Dual Shaft Shredder|Double Shaft Shredder
" Double shaft shredder or dual shaft shredder is built with two shafts of blades. It is a heavy-duty shredder machine from Raj Electricals. "

Technical Specifications of Dual Shaft Shredder DS5007 Model "DS5007" Feed Width 500 mm Voltage 415 volts ac 3 phase 50 hz Power Required 7.5 hp / 5.6 kw 2OO kgs/hr Shred Size 25 x 60 (uneven) Shred Capacity Machine Dimension (approx) 1350 mm x W 900 mm X H 1850 mm Duty Cycle Continuous – non-stop running, no cooling required Applications Can shred HDPE and LDPE (Cement Bag/Non-woven Bag), syringes, vials, ampoules, saline bottles, catheters, glucose bottles, saline tubes, lami tubes, blister packs, PVC blisters, paper, pet bottles, hospital waste, cartons, fibre material, etc

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