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Electricbikes insurance Bicycle NSW is excited to announce two BetterStreets events happening this weekend in Wollongong and Sydney. These eventsbring together communities, advocacy groups, and politicians to promote safeand healthy streets that are accessible to everyone. Bikesfor sale near me

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BetterStreets is teaming up with local groups

In Wollongong, Better Streets is teaming up with localgroups such as Safe Streets to School Wollongong, Illawarra Bicycle UsersGroup, Healthy Cities Illawarra, The Disability Trust, and 30Please to advocatefor safe, healthy, and accessible streets. Particularly streets that givepeople more options to move around safely and enjoyably in the Illawarra. Bikesnear me

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Lena Huda, spokesperson for Safe Streets to SchoolWollongong said: “We need Better Streets for our children to get aroundindependently in the Illawarra. Many streets are too hard to cross and as a consequenceour children miss out on walking and riding through local streets and toschool. More walking and riding has bikeshop near me


BetterStreets Weekend Sunday 5th March - bicycle insurance

Electricbike hire near me On March 5th, a gathering will take place insupport of Better Streets. Participants will be walking or riding from Thirroulto Towradgi via Woonona also stopping at local playgrounds along the way. Statecandidates, Wollongong Councillors, and media are invited to join the fun. Findout more about the event here or on facebook here.  Bicycle service near me

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Comeand meet other Better Streets supporters 4th March

Bikeservice near me Meanwhile, in Sydney, Better Streets ispartnering with Bicycle NSW to organise the inaugural Better Streets Walk andRide on March 4th. The event will start at Herald Square near Circular Quay andparticipants will ride, walk, and roll their way along 4km of separatedcycleway to Prince Alfred Park in Redfern. The event is family-friendly, andeveryone is welcome to participate. Pushbike shop near me



Do you spend 10% or more of your disposable income ontransport? Living in the country, with pot-holed roads and long-distancetravel, or locked into a car finance scheme may find you spending in excess of20%. Bicycleshop near me

10% or more of one’s disposable income is the threshold fortransport poverty. Rising fuel costs combined with inflation means that drivingour cars is becoming increasingly unsustainable.  Cycleshop near me

As well as being tough on individual consumers, transportpoverty describes a wider state of social, economic and environmental inequity.Bicycle to rent near me

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Electricbikes for sale cheap Transport accounts for about 64% of global oilconsumption, 27% of all energy use, and 23% of the world’s carbon dioxideemissions. Each year, almost 185,000 deaths are directly attributed tovehicular pollution.



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Environmentalist, Bicycle NSW friend and Arup transportplanner Ed Forrester first decided to try cycling from Manly to Sydney’s CBD onNational Ride to Work day last October. He had previously thought that the ridewas unachievable due to a lack of safe infrastructure on congested roads, thetopography and his low skill level as a rider. However, Ed’s opinion did a full180 when he gave it a go.  Mountainbike shop near me

Cyclestore near me I avoid Sydney Road and travel along LauderdaleAvenue and over the Ethel Street bridge to reach Seaforth. The shared path isunsuitable for faster cycling as it’s narrow, has blind corners and is popularwith pedestrians and families with prams. Because of this I cycle on the road.The route is low-trafficked, so I don’t feel unsafe. A slight annoyance is binday with bins placed on the narrow shared path instead of curb side. The viewsfrom Seaforth are the highlight of the ride! Bicycle store near me

More Information - https://bicyclensw.org.au/


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