Electric motor repair & rewinding services in India - H S Balbir
HS Balbir Electrical Motor Repair and Rewinding Industry In India know The repair of electric motors, generators, turbo-alternators, and transformers

Electric motor repair & rewinding services in India - H S Balbir

Electrical motor Repair and rewinding services in India predominantly consists of unorganised sector. The importance being given to repair of electric motors, generators, turbo alternators and transformers etc. is not at par with their functional role. With the emerging scenario, where production and energy losses can not be afforded, this segment of industry is bound to get much more important.

H.S Balbir & Bros. was founded in Delhi in 1948 by Sardar Harnam Singh Kalanauri, well known electrical engineer of his time, with the guiding principle of ‘Constant Innovation’ and ‘Combining precision with skill’.

Sardar Manmohan Singh Kalanauri, his successor, has gone through the evolving of organisation, adopting latest technology and adhering to strict quality control. A new unit was established by him at Ludhiana to cope with the increasing demands.

At present the organisation has become a generic name in electrical repair field. We are constantly on the move, so that we continue to decisively influence the electrical repair market of the future.


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