electronically sign pdf
Here we can see, "electronically sign pdf" What is an electronic signature? An electronic signature maybe a picture of what your signature seems like. You'

electronically sign pdf

Here we can see, “electronically sign pdf”

An electronic signature maybe a picture of what your signature seems like. You’ll scan it from anywhere, even a blank piece of paper with nothing but your signature thereon is termed an electronic signature. If anyone asks for your signature on a PDF document, they mean an electronic one. Confine mind that electronic signatures are different from digital signatures. A digital signature proves that you have seen the document and approved of it by signing it digitally. A digital signature is the most secure one. One of the simplest things with electronic signatures will be performed on every platform like Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.

There are several solutions to append electronic signatures. Cloud-based online e-signature services like Countersign makes using e-signatures easy and most effective. And you’ll be OS and device-independent; you’ll reuse your signature and documents anytime, on any device, as long as you’ve got a stable internet connection. 


Upload the document or pick one among your templates to urge started.


Insert fields wherein signatures are necessary and add your signature if needed too.


Multiple persons whose signature you need will be sent an email to finish the method by signing your document on any device they choose. And a bit like that, all the signatories will receive a replica of the email instantly.

Are you uninterested in printing, signing, and scanning your PDF document whenever you want to sign PDF forms? Don’t worry; we were also within the same boat, but luckily we’ve found how to use which you’ll electronically sign PDF documents without printing and scanning them. To understand more, read our complete guide below.

All folks use computers for various applications like gaming, creating documents, watching movies, etc. When it involves creating a document, there are various programs available for every sort of document. For the word documents, we’ve got Microsoft Word. For presentations, we’ve got the service of Microsoft PowerPoint. For sheets, we’ve got the Microsoft shine at our service. But, these programs help us only with the creation part, and none of them allows electronically signing documents.

However, repeatedly, there arises a situation once you sign documents and send them back to the individual or anyone else, that too digitally. There’s a way of urgency when the document is a suggestion letter for employment or anything. So, what is going to you do in such a situation? Many would follow the below-mentioned steps as these appear to be straightforward ways to try to do so.

The above process is straightforward if you own a printer and a scanner reception. But this easy process complicates if you don’t own any of those. The method becomes time-consuming as you’ll first get to find a printer and a scanner.

So, what are you getting to neutralize that case? If you’re also facing an equivalent problem, keep reading this text as during this article, a neater way is usually recommended using which you’ll easily sign any digital document which too, without scanning and printing it.

For Windows, Adobe Acrobat Reader is that the best application to sign PDF documents electronically. It’s full of useful features and maybe an excellent application for this purpose. The sole disadvantage of this application is that it takes up tons of space. Other third-party lightweight applications support electronically signed PDF documents. Still, they typically provoke you to get their paid version before letting you sign your first document using their electronic signature feature.

To use the Adobe Acrobat Reader to sign a PDF document electronically, follow the below steps.

Let us realize each of the above ways one by one:


In this, you’ll need to type your full name or simply the primary name using the keyboard, and it’ll automatically convert it into a signature. This may not be your original signature. So, it’s neither ideal nor recommended. By default, Adobe Acrobat Reader uses this sort as a sort of signature.

Your signature will appear as if as shown within the above figure.

You can change the design of your signature by following the below steps:

The style of your signature will change accordingly.


Using this, you’ll draw your signature as you are in the real world but using the mouse pointer rather than a pen. If you’ve got a touchscreen device, you’ll draw your signature by touching the screen.

To use this feature to draw your signature, select Draw. The mouse pointer is going to be activated, and use it to draw your signature.

If you discover that you got to roll in the hay again, draw a fresh new signature by clicking the Clear button.


If you’re unable to sign using the mouse pointer or touchscreen, use the Image option during which you’ve got to check in a paper employing a pen, scan that paper, and use it as a picture on the PDF document via Adobe Acrobat. Although there’s a requirement to scan, you would like to scan just one occasion, then can keep that scanned Image in your computer or laptop and use it wherever you’ll get to sign any document electronically.

To use Image to sign the document electronically, click on the Image option and navigate to the Image having your signature. The Image will open up and can appear within the space provided.

After completing the above steps, an electronically signed copy of your PDF document is prepared to be mailed using any sending methods.

If you’ve got a macOS, you’re in luck because it has an in-built application called Preview, which has an integrated document signing feature. You’ll easily draw your signature using the trackpad, and Preview will recognize it. The newer versions of Mac have a Force Touch trackpad which is pressure-sensitive, so more accurate signatures are possible. If you’ve got Mac with no trackpad, you’ll sign a bit of paper and scan it employing a WebCam; otherwise, you can create a signature using the other quaint way.

To electronically sign a PDF document using Mac, follow the below steps:

After completing the above steps, the document together with your signature is prepared, and now, you’ll mail it or send it to anyone using any of the available sending methods.

All Apple products are generally synced with one another. If you’ve got once created a signature on Mac using the Preview application, it’ll automatically sign into the iPad and iPhone, and you’ll needn’t make that signature again. But, if you’ve got not created a signature on an iPhone or iPad, you’ll electronically sign the PDF document using the markup feature that exists within the Mail app of the iOS.

To use this markup feature to electronically sign PDF documents on an iPhone or iPad, follow the below steps.

The above method will only work if you’ve received the document you would like to sign electronically through an email; you’ve got received the document through another source. You’ll get to take the assistance of a third-party app to sign that document.

A third-party app, Adobe Sign and Fill, may be a perfect fit for this purpose. The app will assist you in signing any document electronically, regardless of how you’ve received that document. It’ll allow you to sign many documents within the first month for free of charge. After the primary month, you’ll need to pay an amount to stay using it further.

To use Adobe Sign and Fill to sign any document electronically, follow the below steps.

After completing the above steps, the document together with your signature is prepared, and now you’ll share it with the opposite apps by clicking on the Share button.

Android devices don’t have any built-in feature allowing you to sign any document electronically. So, you would like to require the assistance of a third-party application to urge the work wiped out the case of Android. The Adobe Signs and Fill application allows you to realize this task free of charge for the initial first month. But if you would like to use it after one month, you would like to check-in and pay an amount.

To use the appliance to electronically sign any PDF documents without printing or scanning, follow the below steps:

After completing the above steps, the document together with your signature is prepared, and now you’ll share it with the opposite apps by clicking on the Share button.

I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below. 

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