People mistakenly believe they don't need life insurance. Although you can purchase life insurance at any age, it is more costly the older you are. If you are on a tight budget, you can buy a term policy which will only pay your debts. Consider a permanent policy or whole-life insurance if you're over 50.

There are many reasons you should buy life insurance earlier than your age. The main one is that rates for life insurance remain the same for many years. You will pay less per month if your policy is purchased at a younger age. The other reason to buy a term policy is that it's cheaper. You may be eligible for a permanent policy depending on your income and medical condition.

It is important to consider the age when you start looking for life insurance policies. Although you may be able get a policy with a lower premium, the choices are less if you start at a younger age. A younger person will also be able to purchase more coverage so it is worth considering


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