Export picklist values (Label & API name) for multiple “Picklist or Multi-Picklist” fields or Global Value Set in Salesforce
Exporting Picklist values for each field is a tedious and time taking job, but with BOFC App user can export picklist values in few clicks.

Export Picklist Values

For admin or developer, if there is a requirement to Export “Active or Inactive or both” picklist values for multiple fields of different type (either Picklist or Multi-Picklist) or to export multiple Picklist Value Set (Global Value Set).

Exporting Picklist values for each field is a tedious and time taking job. In case, if a developer has to export picklist values for 400 Picklist fields, developer would have to open each and every field and copy its values in XLS.

These type of work requests would take much more effort and time, but with our Salesforce Appexchange Bulk Object Field Creator (BOFC) App user can export picklist values in few clicks.

To avail this feature, kindly make sure you have installed the latest version of the application. You can upgrade your package using either of two ways:

Step 1. Open the BOFC Home > Click “Export Picklist Values for multiple fields

Export Picklist Values for multiple fields

Step 2. It will open below screen

manage picklist and global picklist

User can export “Active or Inactive” picklist values for different type of metadata:

Step 3. Select “Export Picklist” and select the type of picklist values to export (Active or Inactive or Both)

select the type of picklist values

Step 4. Select single or multiple objects for which picklist fields needs to be exported

Select single or multiple objects

Click on “Fetch All Picklist Field(s)” button.

Step 5. Select Single or Multiple Picklist or Multi-Picklist fields for which values needs to be exported

Select Single or Multiple Picklist

Finally we are ready with all the configuration and ready to initiate the process to Export.
Click on “Export Details” button.

Step 6. Once this blue button of “Export Details” is clicked, it will open a small section for Export Status.

Export Details

Just wait for few seconds for the processing to complete. Once the processing is completed, it will update the status to “Completed” and it will enable the “Download” link as highlighted in below image.

enable the

Click on the “Download” link and it will export the XLS file with all the picklist values for the selected fields.

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Certified Salesforce Developer and Administrator with 8+ years of experience. I can handle all aspects of Salesforce.com like Customization, Configuration, Lightning, APEX Coding, 3rd Party Systems Integration, Apps Development and others.

Certified Salesforce Developer and Administrator with 8+ years of experience.

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BOFC (Bulk Object Field Creator) is a native force.com app designed for developers and admins to perform Bulk CRUD operations in a few clicks. It works on bulk metadata operations unlike the standard salesforce. This app is a shorter route to perform mass object /field creation, deletion, updation, and cloning. Reduce manual effort of users & will increase productivity.

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