Fast & Effective Cleaning Tips for Lazy People
With the help of our expert advice, get the best cleaning tips to save your time and money.

House Cleaning Tips For Lazy People

As early as the 28th year, if you want to clean up the messy house more conveniently and time-savingly, you can start cleaning the tricky areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. Water often accumulates in these two places, and water stains and mould appear on walls and other surfaces, quickly breed bacteria. In addition, it is tough to clean up these stains.

The kitchen has been in an environment with oil-heated for many years. Regardless of whether it is cleaned regularly or not, some oil will always accumulate on the stove, cooking stove and range hood; or some mildew will get on the plastic edge of the zinc pan, which is a headache. If it is wiped away with a cloth little by little, it will take time and may not be completely clean in place. If you want to solve the stubborn oil stains quickly, you can spray the kitchen cleaner on the oily areas on the stove, cooking stove and range hood, and let it stand for one to two hours before returning to clean.

Don’t waste the waiting time. Next, you can go to the bathroom for cleaning. The most tricky places in the bathroom are the floor, wall and tile gaps. If it is not cleaned regularly, these surface areas are prone to yellowing, mildew and black spots due to stagnant water. Apply 1:5 diluted bleach to the yellow and the mouldy regions, wait for 1-2 hours, and wipe with a toothbrush and scouring pad. This method can also be used if you need to clean the kitchen floor.

During the waiting period, clean and tidy other parts of the home, such as the living room and bedroom. First, remove the unnecessary sundries. If you buy the items that are not used or not frequently used, you can decisively discard them; if they are still in a clean state, you can donate them. After freeing up space, the floor and walls can be cleaned more conveniently.

Professional House Cleaning Services

Sometimes people haven’t time to clean their property. For this, they need to hire professionals. At “Bond Cleaning Brisbane” we provide quality house cleaning services in Brisbane. With the help of professional cleaners, we will provide you with quality services at an affordable price. We serve our cleaning services in Kangaroo Point, Ipswich, Coorparoo, Chermside, Annerley and other popular suburbs.


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