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Islamabad became the second capital of Pakistan after Karachi in 1960. The city was designed by a Greek architect dividing it into eight zones equally. It is a federally administrated City. It is one of the largest populations of Pakistan over 3.1 million residents. The city is famous because of its beauty due to lush green forests and the most famous Faisal mosque, the fifth in rank from the largest mosques of the world. Kunjee.com

The city is fully equipped with all the basic facilities that anyone would want. It is one of the cities of Pakistan having a stable economy, so it is no wonder why it is one of the best property markets in the country. You can always find a property in Islamabad rather it is a house, a bungalow or a small apartment. A flat is a smart option if you are a small family with a limited budget. There are always flats for sale in Islamabad if you have a limited budget. Kunjee.com

There are a few solid reasons why you should invest money in purchasing a flat in Islamabad. In 2018 Islamabad Express was made, which became a free corridor for all. Due to this development, the ratio of property words with the neighboring lands was increased automatically. Housing scheme projects begin to grow in Islamabad rapidly. The new international airport is probably one of the biggest projects of Islamabad. It not only attracted the net is but also the tourist and foreign investors. This is why they are investing highly in Islamabad. Kunjee.com

According to the difference in size, area and availability of resources, the prices of flats in Islamabad vary. The good thing is that many of the housing schemes are payment in instalment so that you don't miss the opportunity to purchase any apartment flat that you want in Islamabad. You are looking for a small house, plus you want it to be closer to the important Roads such as GT Road and airport Road, then the ideas tower in B-17 is suitable for you. It was developed in 2018, and further development for made in the building made it suitable for living. Kunjee.com

Not only small but also the big apartments have four bedrooms fully equipped apartment with servant quarter and rooftop eating places. Initially, it had only these facilities, but it has a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a children's play area, and a spa when it is fully developed. Pakistan housing foundation is a good option if you want to buy a two-bedroom flat in Islamabad. At only a 10-minute drive from the international airport, there are many apartments for sale in Karakoram Greens over 25 acres of land. The planning of Karakoram Greens is unique as compared to the other housing projects. Kunjee.com

There was 75% of land for plantation and making decorative lawns, whereas 25% is reserved for buildings and apartments. The good thing about Karakoram Greens is that it has a variety of housing ranging from studio apartments to single bedroom and five-bedroom apartments, bungalows and houses. The price of land is not much higher in this housing scheme, so you can think of purchasing a small apartment or a bungalow according to your budget. Karakoram Greens is an exclusive project launched by Gulberg Greens, which is a housing society closer to the Islamabad highway. Kunjee.com

If you are looking for luxurious apartments and have a flexible budget, then you can go for ecstasy apartments in F-18. The unique feature that they have introduced is the installation of solar panels in every apartment. The entrance is smart and keyless, with remote-controlled Gates and security cameras installed over them so that you can check who has come over. Another good thing that they have made for the security of the residents is the red security alarms for the detection of intruders and burglars.


If you are a small family and want a three-bedroom flat or apartment for sale in Islamabad, you can go to Margalla hills in E-11. The interiors of these flats are very lush with an attached bathroom, small storeroom and a kitchen. German wooden flooring and Italian tiles have been used in the interior of those clouds make them different from the local apartments and houses. Kunjee.com

DHA housing scheme in Islamabad is offering many apartments ranging from studio apartments to 5-bedroom apartments. DHA is probably one of the best communities in Islamabad and extremely worth investing in. The property rates in the housing schemes are increasing daily, so it is better to purchase apartments at once if you have money. Islamabad expressway is also considered one of the best locations for investing your money. Kunjee.com

It has the majority of 4-bedroom apartments for sale in Islamabad prime location for big families. It has a modern fitting kitchen and bathroom plus an additional servant quarter and a study room, and a large drawing-room. The River walk in the Islamabad expressway is beautiful because of the riverside track available. Every building in the river walk has a rooftop which is reserve for family events, gym hospitals and can also serve as outdoor terraces for families. Kunjee.com

Bahria enclave also offers apartment for sale in Islamabad. They are probably one of the best-equipped apartments and flats for sale in Islamabad available broadband fiber internet connection and no load-shedding in that area. Other than one, two or three-bedroom apartments, it offers the facility of a school, a mosque, a spa and a gym. The full-time security available in the Bahria enclave makes it best for living. Kunjee.com

The property price is different with every location and the size of the apartment or flat for sale in Islamabad. DHA housing scheme is one of the famous housing schemes in Islamabad, and everyone wants to have a house there. The price of a single bedroom apartment starts from 22 lakh PKR. The price range in India is the front, with every apartment for sale in Islamabad. Kunjee.com

 of 3 to 5 km away from DHA housing society. The luxurious apartments in the River walk are in high demand, with a price range of 2.42 crore PKR. A well-equipped small studio apartment is for sale in PKR 18 lakh only in E-11 apartments. Kunjee.com

In Ideas Tower B-17, there are flats and apartments for sale in Islamabad with easy instalments if you have paid the first 20 to 25% of the payment. The amazing thing about this housing scheme is that you can have ownership of the flat or apartment even if you have 10 to 15% of the payment left. The price range for these apartments is between 30 lakhs to 92 lakhs depending upon the apartment's size. 


In the Bahria enclave, the price range for apartments is relatively high because of the well-equipped apartments and facilities provided by the housing society. If you want single bedroom apartments, then its price starts from 17 lakh PKR. If you want a three-bedroom apartment, then its price would be two crores PKR. The price of luxury flats is higher as compared to ordinary flats and apartments. The price for luxury flats ranges from 18 lakh PKR as a down payment, and 50 lakh PKR could be paid in the form of instalments four times a year. Kunjee.com

Islamabad is famous for its education standard throughout the country. There are many schools, colleges and universities in Islamabad which ensure quality education for your child. Some schools are the Beaconhouse School system, Quaid's public School, Pak-Turk international schools, and head start School. Kunjee.com

As far as professional education is concerned, there are many top-class universities in Islamabad which attracts the attention of students from all over Pakistan. Air University Islamabad, Bahria University, COMSATS, Federal Urdu University of art science and technology institute of space and technology, and national Defence University are some of the best universities in Pakistan that offer quality education.

Islamabad is one of the best cities in Pakistan, famous for its medical facilities due to the presence of various hospitals. Some of these hospitals are Shifa college of medicine, Shifa hospital, Quaid-e-Azam international hospital, Saudi German hospital in Bahria town, PIMS, and Maroof international hospital, which are the most popular and trusted medical hospitals in Pakistan.

Islamabad City is the capital of the country and home for many government and foreign officials, due to which the security system of the city is top level. Due to the best security level in the city, it attracts the attention of many real estate dealers and natives to purchase the property in Islamabad. The police and army are 24/7 active for security purposes. There are many cameras installed throughout the city, and in every housing scheme, they have a personal security system.

Besides basic facilities like medicine, education and jobs, shopping and restaurants are also one of the reasons you select living in a specific City. Monal is one of the famous restaurants of Islamabad offering Desi food. There are many small cafes too, attract the attention of native as well as a tourist due to their exotic tastes and flavours. These are Lebanese Café, The float, Galeto affairs, and Street 1 café.

There are many places for shopping to including the famous Centaurus mall. Metro is a famous shopping mall that attracts the attention of people for groceries and imported products.

While purchasing a property, every person looks for some basic facilities, with health and education being the topmost priorities. Islamabad is suitable for living because of its lush green valleys, beautiful weather, peaceful environment and a well-designed infrastructure.

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