Flow of production line of powdered Manure from cow dung
Flow of the production line of powdered Manure from cow dung

Although cow dung is a good raw material for Manure, if it is not fermented, it will still give off odor, and will cause diseases and pests, and the risk of burning roots and seedlings

Advantages of cow dung Manure:

1. Cow dung does not contain any chemical substances and has high organic composition. It is one of the high-quality Organic fertilizer.

2. Rich raw material resources, low prices, and low production costs.

3. The finished cow dung Manure has a wide range of applications, good fertilizer efficiency, can fully improve the soil, provide sufficient nutrition for crops, and is popular with users.

Process of powder Manure production line:

1. Fermentation: Raw materials such as livestock and poultry manure straw are mixed in proportion, and fermentation can begin by adding fermentation strains. During the process, a slot type tipping machine or crawler tipping machine is used for flipping operations, with the aim of fully stirring the raw materials, allowing them to come into contact with oxygen in the air, thereby accelerating the growth rate of microorganisms and achieving rapid fermentation.

2. Deep processing: after the fermentation of raw materials is completed, small Manure complete sets of equipment can be used for production. The first step is to use a forklift to pour the raw materials into the forklift silo, which can continuously and evenly supply the raw materials to the grinder. After the grinder, the raw materials can be crushed into powder materials with uniform fineness, and then a small amount of impurities in the raw materials can be screened out through a drum screening machine, and finally high-quality powder Manure can be obtained, Finally, the entire production process can be completed by packaging into bags using an automatic packaging machine.

In fact, in recent years, with the attention paid to green and healthy food, the sales market of Manure is getting better and better. As one of the high-quality Manure, cow dung is sure to have a good market. The important thing is to see how your sales channel works. Therefore, in the early stages of entrepreneurship, it is necessary to conduct careful research on the surrounding markets, including the supply situation and prices of cow manure raw materials. Whether there are similar large-scale Manure manufacturers around, and the demand of large-scale planting enterprises around, etc. Or do you want to collaborate with large-scale production enterprises and large-scale planting enterprises by analyzing the customer base you want to reach? Or do you want to be a micro enterprise to produce exquisite Organic fertilizer for e-commerce sales? In addition to the large demand for Organic fertilizer for ordinary agricultural crops, there are also a small number of people, such as the greening project of the property community, and the careful care of gardening enthusiasts for flowers and plants, which are inseparable from Manure. Although their demand is small, they often sell at very good prices.


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