Gary B Flom Journey to Becoming a Successful
Gary B Flom from Saudi Arabia is a renowned name not only inMiddle East but all around the world. He has been an automobile expert andsustainable fleet innovator.

Gary B Flom from Saudi Arabia is a renowned name not only in middle East but all around the world. He has been an automobile expert and sustainable fleet innovator. Gary has been serving at leading automobile firms like Ford in leadership roles. His vision for sustainable automobile technology has contributed to the longevity of many transportation and fleet companies. Let us go through the journey of Gary B Flom to living the American Dream.

Early Life:

Gary B Flom was born in Russia on November 25th,1962. He spent his childhood in the city of Vitebsk, Belarus (then a part of the Soviet Union). Both of his parents moved to New York in 1975. Gary and his family migrated to the United States, and he has been a permanent resident ever since.

Before enlisting in the Marines in 1983, he was a resident of Brooklyn, New York. At the University of Maryland, he studied business administration and graduated with a degree.

Gary B Flom got out of the military and immediately dove into the business world. When he saw a Buick at the American Embassy in Moscow, the 12 years old Gary immediately became obsessed with automobiles. After that, he immersed himself in automotive literature, which ignited a lifelong interest in the industry.

Originally from Brooklyn, Gary served with distinction in the United States Marine Corps, earning two promotions and the Navy Achievement Medal, the service branch's highest honor for service during peacetime. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Maryland while serving in the Marines.

Professional Career:

President & CEO(Dec 1999 - Jul 2017)

Ford Motor CompanyMobility & Innovation Flagship Center

The country's first pilot program for distributing electric vehicles, currently conducting early adoption tests with a variety of government fleets. Transformed the national mobility landscape and brought environmental sustainability to the forefront of critical decisions in fleet management and mobility by successfully navigating complex regulatory requirements and OEM manufacturing challenges to implement the utilization of early electric and Hybrid Vehicles for high-intensity government, emergency services, and large private FHV fleets. Successfully tripled the company's revenue to over $1 billion at this New York-based Ford Motor Company subsidiary.

Responsible for all aspects of the company's operations, including the profit and loss statement, capital expenditures, business management, mobility initiatives, electric vehicle distribution strategy, growth initiatives, business strategies, mergers and acquisitions, employee relations, and public relations. Created a one-of-a-kind Commercial & Fleet sales and service division that attracts large commercial fleets and municipal clients like New York City. Established itself as New York City's primary external service provider for the Police, Fire Department, and Corrections Departments. Responsible for the acquisition of the Jaguar, Land Rover, and Volvo brands. Built the business into a regional and national sales powerhouse and the largest premier multi-brand automotive and mobility center in New York City. Awards include multiple FMC President's Awards and recognition as one of FMC's 100 Leaders.

Managing Partner (Jul2017 - Present)

IMAA AdvancedManagement Solutions

Greater New York city area

Provided top-echelon, results-oriented advanced management solutions for domestic and international automotive and Electric Vehicle industry including new business development, distribution and network strategies, large-scale commercial fleet management, leasing, sales and service expertise, subscription models, innovation platforms, process development and organizational improvement, digitization volume pre-owned re-marketing strategies including-conditioning and profitable distribution, , conventional and experiential marketing, brand strategy, team building, , turn-around expertise and crisis-management.

Chief ExecutiveOfficer (Jun 2021 - Present)

National TransportationSolutions Company-A Technology Driven Advanced Multi-Modal Mobility Company

As the CEO and co-founder of National TransportationSolutions Company (NTSC), a technology-driven business for Advanced Multi-ModalMobility via zero-emissions platforms and autonomous driving, Gary BFlom established the company and propeled it to the forefront inthe Middle Eastern market. For medium and large private and public companies aswell as Governmental entities in the MENA Region, NTSC has become the leadingautomotive services and cutting-edge technology company offering innovativeFleet-as-a-Service (Faas), eMobility-as-a-Service (eMaaS), and large-scaleDecarbonization solutions.

Under Gary B Flom’s direction, NTSC has grown rapidly inless than a year to become a true end-to-end fleet and transportation solutionsprovider, a vector for large-scale sustainable mobility that will reshapelogistics, transportation, and the public sector industries in KSA and the MENARegion, and an enabler of a better world.

In keeping with its mission to protect the environment, thecompany is assisting major corporations in the logistics, consumer goods,energy, and public transit sectors in converting their fleets to more eco-friendlyplatforms that make use of BEV and FCEV technologies. In a relatively shortamount of time, NTSC has become the undisputed leader in sustainable mobilityinnovation and a game-changing force in the distribution of goods, people, andservices via environmentally friendly platforms.

Along with this innovative BRT, NTSC plans to construct thefirst fully integrated zero-emissions large-scale Mobility System in theRegion, complete with autonomous shuttles and a metro. In my role as CEO andco-founder of National Transportation Solutions Company (NTSC), a tech-drivenbusiness providing Advanced Multi-Modal Mobility via emission-free platformsand autonomous vehicles, I was tasked with establishing a market-leadingpresence in the transportation sector. As a result of its innovativeFleet-as-a-Service (FaaS), eMobility-as-a-Service (eMaaS), and large-scaleDecarbonization solutions, NTSC has quickly risen to become the leadingautomotive services and cutting-edge technology company in the MENA Region.

Under Gary B Flom's direction, NTSC grew rapidly in lessthan a year, becoming a true end-to-end fleet and transportation solutionsprovider with a vector for large-scale sustainable mobility that will reshapelogistics, transportation, and the public sector industries in KSA and the MENARegion from the perspectives of industrial diversification, progressiveenvironmental responsibility, and planetary betterment. By assistingmarket-leading logistics, consumer goods, energy, and public transitorganisations in converting their fleets to sustainable platforms utilising BEVand FCEV technologies, the company is living up to its mission to improve theenvironment.

In a relatively short period of time, NTSC became theunrivalled leader in sustainable mobility innovation and a game-changing forcein the distribution of goods, people, and services via environmentally friendlyplatforms. Additionally, NTSC will make history by constructing the first fullyintegrated zero-emissions large-scale Mobility System in the Region, which willfeature an advanced BRT, autonomous shuttles, and an autonomous metro.

Efforts in TransformingIndustrial Combustion Engine (ICE) Commercial Fleets into SustainablePlatforms:

Gary B Flom's passion for teaching business owners how torun green fleets is what sets him apart. He is a foresightful futurist who hasassisted the automotive industry in anticipating their needs. In this post,I'll introduce you to Gary B Flom and discuss his efforts to replace ICE(Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles in commercial fleets with zero-emissionvehicles.

In what ways did GaryB Flom facilitate the transition from ICE to emission-free fleets?

Gary B Flom is fully cognizant of the fact that "greentechnology" is now the manufacturing industry's catchphrase. He is awarethat businesses must make the transition to electric vehicles to secure thefuture of their fleets. In his career, Gary B Flom has made significantcontributions that have allowed businesses to switch from using ICE fleets tousing emission-free fleets.

The Art ofIntelligent Management:

Gary B Flom's astute management led to the incorporation ofhybrid and electric vehicles into public transportation. As president and CEOof Ford Motor Company's Mobility and & Innovation Center, he was atrailblazer in the distribution of early electric vehicles in the UnitedStates. This gave him a chance to test EV with government fleets and help pavethe way for a radical shift in the way Americans commute. Gary B Flomformulated complex guidelines for the use of EVs and FCEVs in governmentconstruction projects.

As a result of Gary's expertise with electric vehicles andfuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), the Saudi Arabian automotive firm NTSC hasasked him to lead the company. His commitment to the 2030 economicdiversification plan of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is reflected in his work toreplace conventional fleets with green ones.

Designated Funding:

Investment is essential to the zero-emissions transition ofthe ICE fleet, which is why specialized financing is required. Over the courseof his career, Gary B Flom paved the way for institutional support ofcommercial electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles. Because of hisnegotiating prowess, both public and private institutions have set aside fundsto secure their fleets' future viability. Profits at Ford Motor Company roseduring Gary's tenure, enabling the company to set aside money for electricvehicles.

Gary B Flom Saudi Arabia has the support of NTSC to put intoaction his plan for environmentally sound commercial fleets. He oversees the company and provides guidance to clients on how to rapidly adopt electric vehicles (EVs) in their fleets.

Promoting Fleets with zero Emissions:

Gary B Flom has always advocated for emission-free fleets. Because of his vision, eco-friendly fleets are now widely recognized as crucial. While at Ford, he spoke out in favor of replacing conventional fleets with zero-emission vehicles at a number of conferences and workshops.

Current NTSC head Gary B Flom Saudi Arabia has said,"Mobility is at the crossroads of an exciting, revolutionary phase,"in support of zero-emission fleets. In line with the Vision 2030 goals, the logistics industry is poised for rapid expansion thanks to a number of factors, including a more forward-thinking approach, a greater emphasis on total cost of ownership, the adoption of cutting-edge fleet management technology, and the emergence of environmentally conscious alternatives.

Honors & awards

·       100Leaders Award

Issued by Ford Motor Company

·       Making aDifference Award

Issued by Ford Motor Company

·       NavyAchievement Medal

Issued by United States Marine Corps

·       President'sAward

Issued by Ford Motor Company

·       President'sAward

Issued by Ford Motor Company

·       Salute toDealers Award

Issued by Ford Motor Company


Gary B Flom Saudi Arabia has spent his entire professional life working to realize zero-emission commercial fleets. His tireless work has paid off, and now companies all over the world can construct eco-friendly fleets, for which he has received a great deal of praise.



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