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DNA Wellness Test provides a variety of vital information about your health to achieve your fitness goals. Get it now!

Nowadays, many people are struggling to stay fit and healthy. Factors such as physical exercise, eating habits, etc., are the prime factors for good or bad health. DNA also plays an essential role in our health. If you have had a problem keeping the weight off or losing weight, there might be an underlying reason in your genetic makeup. Your lifestyle can be out of sync with your genes. The DNA Wellness test can help you understand why you cannot keep off those extra pounds or achieve your target weight. This test can also tell you about your genetic tendencies for various fitness & nutrition-related parameters. This is an empowering test that you can do to know the fitness routines, ideal diet & overall wellness recommendations. It provides valuable information about your food sensitivity, eating behavior, physical endurance, injury recovery, & weight loss or gain pattern, detoxification, etc.

 Need for the DNA Wellness Test

 DNA based Wellness Tests assist in determining the following parameters:

  • Eating behavior & craving for meals
  • Difficulty in losing weight
  • Regaining weight even after losing 
  • Stamina and fitness level 
  • Body's reaction to a specific kind of exercise
  • Nutrient utilization by the body

 How Can Diet DNA or DNA Wellness Test Help?

DNA Wellness Test provides a variety of vital information about your health to achieve your fitness goals. Moreover, this test provides a one-stop solution to four different health concerns. This test allows you to take care of yourself by assessing the following factors of your health: Weight, Fitness, Diet, and Detox. This test gives you a clear idea of how it affects--

  • Exercise endurance and response
  • Recovery from a physical injury
  • Eating behavior and weight management
  • In tolerances and sensitivities to foods
  • Oxidative stress and detoxification

 Using the above parameters, you can make proper diet modifications & proper lifestyle changes and decide on a particular kind of nutrition that works best for you.

 Why Choose Us for Genetic Test for Weight Loss?

 DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. is one of India's most trusted DNA testing companies for various genetic testing services. We are providing an advanced DNA Wellness Test in India at competitive costs. It helps you achieve your nutritional goals efficiently and on time. You can contact us to request a Diet DNA or DNA Wellness Test. You can also order the sample collection kit at your registered address, like home, office, or working place. You must follow the instruction that is mentioned on the sample collection kit. When we get your sample at our testing lab, we will begin the tests and offer your test report within 25-30 days. 

For further queries about the Genetic test for weight loss or any other genetic test, you can call us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +919213177771.



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