Get Ready To Celebrate Festivals In The Metaverse
Indian festivals are known for their fun & glamour, and each of them has some religious aspects. Let’s celebrate them in the metaverse with friends joyfully.

India is a land of festivals, and Indians like to celebrate special occasions with great enthusiasm. The months of September, October, and November are fully charged with festivity and merriment. The most popular Indian festivals celebrated during these months are Navratri, Dusshera, and Diwali.

With technological innovations and the magnificence of augmented reality, we can digitize all festivals and celebrations. For years, people have been sending e-messages and making audio & video calls to exchange wishes and share happy moments.

What’s So Exciting And Something That Would Change The Way We Celebrate Festivals?

2022 is the year of tech innovations. Recently, we have seen an influx of information about the Ethereum merge, new use cases of the metaverse, and the increasing number of cross-platform multiplayer games.

How can we forget how AR/VR and metaverse technologies have become big game changers in the history of festivals?

Just imagine, what would it feel like to enter a 3D world with your friends and perform traditional rituals inside a metaverse. Your presence will be in the form of an avatar and you will be interacting with the avatars of your loved ones. How fascinating it would be!

Organizing A Party or Celebrate Festivals on Metaverse

Festivals elevate the collective spirit and sense of togetherness. People like exchanging wishes and sharing sweets with each other. In this Covid19 pandemic era, the trends are changing.

When the entire world was under a strict lockdown, and people were following social distancing norms, techies were busy creating something more unusual and exciting. Their research work is now helping to bring a big change in the way we celebrate happy times.

Organizations were conducting corporate meetings through Zoom or Google Meet, and coordinating with the employees with the help of the same platforms. WhatsApp groups were created to seek better communication. These trends are still being followed by almost all kinds of businesses.

There are several multinational companies that have found new ways of celebrating corporate events and festivals through online platforms, as it helps them to unite their employees working in different countries on special occasions.

Being tech geeks, we at Antier have also leveraged the opportunities of connecting with our in-house teams belonging to different geographical locations to stay connected through the video conferencing technique.

Now, we are eager to use metaverse technologies for conducting events and parties. We are taking a step ahead to celebrate Diwali in the metaverse, and we have proudly named the event #Anfestier.

Save The Date!

We are a team of over 500 employees and some of them are working remotely in India and overseas. Our aim is to celebrate the festival unitedly, and our technologists are building a special metaverse in which all the employees can enjoy the festive occasion together on 21st October 2022. We are going to participate in rangoli making, playing games, using firecrackers, and having fun activities, in a three-dimensional world, which would be the most exciting experience in this festive season.

Sounds fascinating!!

It’s not something we do usually. However, why can’t we facilitate ourselves with our expertise, when we are already doing it for others?

We know blockchain and metaverse like the back of our hands. These technologies run in the blood of our techies. This time, we are going to use them to have sheer fun.

How Augmented Reality is Reshaping The Future of Festivals?

It’s not a simple question because one needs to understand the emotional sentiments associated with our traditions and festivals. Will it be right to combine tradition with technology? How to do it rightfully without raising the eyebrows of the religious authorities?

Well, the young generation like breaking barriers, and they try to modernize the ways of celebrating festivities. They can infuse augmented reality with physical reality for providing a completely new experience to the common people.
Currently, most of us are already aware of using Instagram filters and Snapchat lenses, and both exemplify augmented reality. AR/VR technology is used for creating virtual versions of real-life experiences.

Any festival is incomplete without light, color, and music. All such elements can be immersively offered to the participants of metaverse-powered festivals.

How Can You Celebrate Your Festival in Metaverse Successfully?

Tech geeks would let you gain boundless benefits from using metaverse for celebrating festivals and parties. It lets your guest get easy access to the venue, enjoy socializing, have fun, and get refreshed, without any need to step down from their bed.

Yes, you heard it right!

Every guest will be attending the party but it would not require them to have a physical presence. They can do it simply by wearing headsets and using the necessary gear for enjoying the party or event hosted in a metaverse. It would help them to gain real-life experience, with a whole new level of newness through advanced technology.

Here’s how you can organize an event or party in the metaverse:

  1. Goal Setting
    Choosing an occasion for celebration, defining your purpose of setting up the metaverse, selecting the venue, preparing content, and arranging the budget are parts of party planning and goal setting.
  2. Selection of venue
    As we decide on a party venue in real life, so do we in the metaverse. There is a need to create different virtual settings for seating areas, dance floors, food stalls, music, and more such things.
  3. Spreading awareness amongst the attendees
    It’s not a usual thing for a common man to attend a party of celebration in the metaverse. You must provide the necessary guidelines to the attendees, so they can get the best experience of a lifetime.
  4. Adding fun elements
    One cannot ignore the fact that parties and celebrations are meant for having fun and merriment. People would love to interact with each other, dance together, play games, and have a lot of fun together. You must create a metaverse that enables you and your attendees to have sheer happiness and enjoyment.

Summing Up

In the future, Web3 and metaverse technologies are going to show their impact on different walks of life. It would not only help redefine e-commerce and enhance business capabilities but also facilitate educators to provide virtual and augmented reality experiences to their students.

Antier is a blockchain expert and utilizes the metaverse for multiple purposes with great enthusiasm. It can help you to organize your party in the Metaverse, or launch an event. Speak to us, we are just a call away!


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