How to choose a suitable set of organic fertilizer equipment for breeding farms
How to choose a suitable set of organic fertilizer equipment for breeding farms

The organic fertilizer equipment mainly ferments and matures the organic matter mixture, adds trace elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium according to the formula requirements, and then crushes it. It is stirred in a mixer, and the fully stirred material is screened before the finished particles are sent to the finished product silo for packaging and storage. The organic fertilizer material produced has a brown or grayish brown powder appearance, no mechanical impurities, and no odor.

How to choose a suitable complete set of organic fertilizer equipment

1. Determine the size of organic fertilizer equipment, such as the annual production of tens of thousands of tons or the hourly production of tons, in order to determine the price.

2. Determining the shape of the particles means choosing the type of granulator: powder, column, flat ball, or standard circle. The commonly used equipment for granulating organic fertilizers includes: disc granulator, drum granulator, wet granulator, roller extrusion granulator, flat mold granulator, and ring film granulator. The selection of granulators should be determined based on the local fertilizer sales market. The particle shape is different, the process of organic fertilizer equipment is also different, and the price of organic fertilizer equipment is also different.

3. Determine the configuration level of organic fertilizer equipment: The configuration level is different, the price of organic fertilizer equipment is different, the amount of labor used is different, and the stable and high yield of organic fertilizer equipment is also different. Generally, some higher configurations need to be added, such as automatic batching device, automatic packaging device, automatic quantitative feeding device, cyclone dust removal and water dust removal.

4. Determine the type of fertilizer produced. It is a compound fertilizer organic fertilizer equipment or an organic fertilizer organic fertilizer equipment, with the same yield. Organic fertilizer organic fertilizer equipment generally considers high moisture content and the strain is not resistant to high temperature, and the model is generally larger than the compound fertilizer model. There are four types of general organic fertilizer materials, including pure organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer, and composite microbial fertilizer. Organic fertilizer equipment varies slightly depending on the variety.

5. Selection of fermentation tipping machine: The general fermentation forms include stack fermentation, shallow tank fermentation, deep tank fermentation, tower fermentation, and rotary drum fermentation. The fermentation methods and equipment for fermenting organic fertilizers vary. Generally, shallow tank composting machines are more suitable for the principle of aerobic fermentation (advantages of shallow tank composting machines: they are more in line with the principle of aerobic fermentation, less prone to anaerobic formation, full and complete fermentation, and fast fermentation speed).

6. Determine the level of environmental requirements: In areas with low environmental requirements, heavy dust removal is generally recommended, and the investment in organic fertilizer equipment is relatively low; Places with high environmental requirements generally choose heavy dust removal and ink dust removal to meet the national air emission quality standards.


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