How to produce cow dung granular organic fertilizer?
The main raw materials for organic fertilizer production equipment to process organic fertilizers are: feces, commonly known as stool, urine, and cakes. It is human or animal food waste excrement. Livestock and poultry manure mainly refers to a kind of rural solid waste produced in the livestock and poultry breeding industry.

How to make cow dung granular organic fertilizer production?

1. Before starting the cow dung pellet processing machine, please read the specifications carefully. It is important for you to understand how this machine works and how to operate it.

2. Make sure there are no stones or briquettes in the cow dung material. Or, it will destroy the organic fertilizer granulator machine. Even hurt people.

3. Use cow dung with a water content between 20% and 35% for feeding. Then you can take the test. It is suitable for you to adjust the moisture content of the material according to the test results.

4. If you are going to finish the granulation process, it is important for you to stop the feed.

5. Regularly adding lubricating oil to some important parts will make your granulation process smoother.

6. Clean the machine after finishing the production. Whether it is the inlet, the barrel or the outlet, there may be residues of cow dung materials here.


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