How to reduce the damage of fertilizer production line?
We purchase organic fertilizer equipment to build organic fertilizer production lines or npk production line.

We purchase organic fertilizer equipment to build organic fertilizer production lines or npk production line. We know that a complete organic fertilizer production line is worth a lot of money. A fertilizer production line equipment usually includes: crusher, feeder, horizontal mixer, rotary drum granulator, dryer, cooler, screening machine, weighing packaging machine . So the maintenance of organic fertilizer production line is very important. Many people do not know this knowledge is very distressing. Next, we'll explain some tips for maintaining your organic fertilizer equipment.

How to reduce equipment damage in fertilizer production line

    1. One of the factors that are relatively easy to damage organic fertilizer production line or npk fertilizer production line fertilizer equipment is dust. After the organic fertilizer equipment is discharged, it will actually produce a certain amount of dust. If it is not cleaned and maintained in time, dust will enter various joints such as equipment. As time goes by, the greater the friction of the equipment connection, it will even lead to the accumulation of bacteria, which will cause certain erosion to the system and affect the performance of the equipment. Therefore, we require employees to conduct comprehensive inspection and maintenance when using organic fertilizer equipment.

    2. During the operation of organic fertilizer, attention should also be paid to the lubrication level of the equipment connection. Long-term use of equipment is a serious condition for equipment lubrication. Once blocked, the friction of the equipment will also increase. Only in this way can it provide good power support for the operation of organic fertilizer equipment. Employees should form a good habit of cleaning and maintaining equipment on time.

    3. In addition, pay attention to the friction of the motor, otherwise it will affect the application of organic fertilizer equipment, and the staff should always pay attention to check the operation of the motor. Especially before load operation, the wiring of the motor should be checked. If damaged, it should be updated immediately to ensure safe operation.


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