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Steps for Waterproofing Bathroom/Toilet:

HOW to Steps for Waterproofing Bathroom/Toilet:

1. Remove the existing W.C. pan tiles etc and break open the exciting brickbat Coba and I.P.S toilet/bathroom and reach the bare slab.

2. Moisten the crack and apply a Bonding Coat of POLYALK EP and cement slurry in the ratio of 1:0.5 in the groove 

3. Within 30 minutes of application of Bonding Coat. Prepare and apply by hand POLYMER MODIFIED MORTAR using 2 Kg POLYALK EP, 5 Kg cement, 15 Kg graded quartz sand. DO NOT ADD ANY WATER TO THIS MORTAR. This has to be a wet-on application.

4. Air Cure the surface for 48 Hrs

5. Sprinkle Water for 3-4 days

6. Clean the slab of all dust, dirt oil, grease, grime, etc.

7. Drill holes in the slab and fix nipples and inject grout by mixing 5% of POLYALK EP and POLYTANCRETE NGT@150mls both per bag of cement. Add water as a minimum for flowability. After grouting is completed cut and seal the nipples by Polymer Modified Mortar.

8. Prepare a slurry using 1 Kg of POLYALK WP and 0.25 Kg of cement and apply by brush on the bare slab. Mixing should be done using a low-speed stirrer to form a lump-free consistency. NO WATER TO BE ADDED PREPARE AS MUCH SLURRY AS CAN BE USED IN 30 MINUTES.

9. After 24 hours, apply a second coat of similar slurry of the same proportion.

10. Air Cure the surface for 48 Hrs.

11. Cure the coating with damp gunny bags for 4-5 days.

12. Apply the third coat of slurry using 1 Kg of POLYALK WP and 0.25 Kg of Cement and apply by brush on the second coat. NO WATER IS TO BE ADDED.

13. While this coat is wet and tacky lay the cement mortar for providing brickbat Coba. This has to be a wet-on-wet application. Add SUNPLEX (330 gms pouch) per 50 Kgs bag of cement in the mortar mix for brickbat Coba.

14. Proceed with providing conventional brickbat Coba. I.P.S over the slab and fix tiles/pan as per requirement. Add SUNPLEX (330 gms) pouch in the cement mortar mix of the I.P.S to minimize the shrinkage cracks on the IPS.


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