Merchant Bay | A Revolutionary Solution in the RMG Industry
The ever flourishing RMG sector has been held by foreign buyers as a worthy resource based on high-volume and low-cost products. The RMG industry plays a crucial role in the development of the economy of Bangladesh contributing to more than 80% percent of the country's exports & almost 16% to the GDP with traditional business model.

The matured industry has naturally come to a position where traders face some serious constraints. Few of the challenges are such as the market expansion for small & medium suppliers, the unbiased sourcing of raw materials and suppliers, trade security measures for small & medium factories or suppliers, unnecessary middleman cost, improper and inefficient merchandising to execute an order and lack of organised work process. All these are creating an imbalance in the industry and making it difficult for both buyers and suppliers to trade fairly, effectively and transparently. Due to the challenges and complexity in readymade garments sourcing, buyers and suppliers still has dependency on local sourcing agent or has a need for local office, which is impacting the profit ratio. In the competitive price world, there needs to be ways of minimising cost and maximising sourcing effectiveness with convenience.

Now, the question is, how do we enjoy the marvelous growth at the same time minimize challenges in Readymade Garments sector to contribute country’s economy. That’s why Merchant Bay came up to create a new market and expanding traditional business with smart business model.

Have a look how suppliers & buyers can promote trading with Merchant Bay.

  • One-stop solution to make sourcing easy and expand business globally.
  • Any suppliers related to RMG industry can sign up with free* basic membership.
  • Suppliers & buyers can communicate and trade with minimal commission which is lowest in the industry. No hidden agent’s cost is there.
  • Registered trader with authentic business identity & suppliers can be differentiated with ranking and badges.
  • Open smart online platform for fair trading and comparing.
  • Assures secure payment, safe contract, quality assurance, smooth merchandising & on-time shipment.
  • Suppliers can sell to wider range of consumers and buyers can source from potential & authentic businesses.
  • Trader also enjoy top-notch logistics support, merchant assistance, account facility, trading partners and live support.
  • Get trade alert & promotional event invitation of the latest deal, offer and industry news via Merchant Bay’s press room and social media networking.

As a pioneer in B2B online trade platform in Bangladesh we will continuously strive to make RMG trade fast, safe, reliable and easy. Merchant Bay is a digital revolution in RMG industry building a smart e-commerce with trade security, merchandising support, ranking algorithms, data intelligence and network coordination. Suppliers and buyers can use it as one-stop trade solution by maintaining storefront to expand their business in secured way. This is no more the future, it is the present of global trading and sourcing.

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