Precautions for maintenance of organic fertilizer granulator after granulation
Precautions for maintenance of organic fertilizer granulator after granulation

Organic fertilizer granulator machine is an indispensable machine in organic fertilizer production line. In normal use, only by doing maintenance work can it ensure a longer service life. What questions need to pay attention to in daily use? The following content tells you the answer.

1. Always check the working status of each component on the organic fertilizer granulator.

2. Always check if there are loose parts on the organic fertilizer granulator.

3. Always check the bearing oil temperature of the granulator to ensure that it is within the normal range.

4. Check the components of the organic fertilizer granulator from time to time to make sure that they are not worn.

fertilizer granulator machine daily maintenance:

1. First, remove the dirt and debris outside the organic fertilizer granulator machine, clean and lubricate all bearings, and cover the friction surface with anti-corrosive agents such as paint, black oil and waste engine oil;

2. The organic fertilizer granulator placed in the open air should flatten or erect those parts that are prone to deformation to eliminate the factors that cause deformation. If the spring is supported, the spring should be relaxed;

3. When not working, we should remove the parts that are easily rusted or damaged in the organic fertilizer granulator, especially the motor, reducer, conveyor belt, transmission chain, etc., should be removed and stored indoors, and separated by machine category to prevent deformed or damaged by squeezing each other.


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