Process and advantages of sheep manure organic fertilizer equipment production line
Process and advantages of sheep manure organic fertilizer equipment production line

The sheep manure processing organic fertilizer production line is a processing equipment that uses sheep manure to produce organic fertilizer. The sheep manure processing organic fertilizer production line is mainly suitable for the harmless utilization of sheep manure, achieving resource recycling and recycling. The fertilizer produced by the sheep manure organic fertilizer production line belongs to green organic fertilizer, with an organic matter content of over 50%, which is a nutrient rich organic fertilizer. In practical application, organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers generally require reasonable mixing and use of trace elements based on soil conditions in various regions. This will result in the formation of specialized organic fertilizers for crops such as different vegetables and fruit trees with different needs.

The production equipment for sheep manure organic fertilizer material ferments, matures, and dries until the organic waste with a water content of about 30 is crushed. After magnetic separation and screening, it is measured, batched, and mixed (or further dried to produce powdered organic fertilizer) in an automated batching and mixing system according to the ratio requirements, along with the raw materials of binders and other components that need to be compatible. The fully mixed material is uniformly and continuously fed into a granulator by a belt conveyor for granulation, Then, it is dried by a dryer with low temperature and high air volume, followed by cooling, screening, and the finished particles are coated by a coating machine (with brightener and anti caking agent added).

The production equipment for sheep manure organic fertilizer material is transported by a belt conveyor to the finished product silo, measured by a computer automatic quantitative packaging system. The finished products packaged in 40-50kg/bag are stacked and stored, and finally circular particles of fertilizer are produced. The material transportation between various equipment in the entire production process is configured according to the equipment configuration requirements.

The production line of sheep manure organic fertilizer equipment has low energy consumption, small footprint, no odor in the operating environment, zero pollution, good ventilation, and deodorization in only 1-2 days. The small-scale organic fertilizer production line has a compact structure and advanced technology. It uses harmless live bacterial preparations to treat livestock and poultry manure, and undergoes biological fermentation under the action of various beneficial microorganisms. After fully decomposing the organic matter, nutrients are released, and the resulting biological heat and high-temperature fermentation process can kill bacteria and insect eggs, detoxify and deodorize, purify the environment, and achieve harmless, resourceful, and industrialized treatment. The energy consumption is low, and the product quality is stable.


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