Process flow of Organic fertilizer processing equipment
Process flow of Organic fertilizer processing equipment

The equipment and process flow to be used in the early processing of organic fertilizer are as follows:
1. Trough conpost turning machine, or mobile 
compost windrow turner, the mobile compost windrow turner does not limit the site, while the trough compost machine needs to build a groove (the length and width of the groove are designed according to the actual size of the site), which is cleaner, hygienic and environmentally friendly. The materials are directly stacked in the fermentation tank, and a trough dumper can be used to dump and ferment multiple fermentation tanks through the transfer car.
2. Transfer the fermented organic fertilizer to the semi-finished product stacking area with loader feeding hopper, and the fermented organic fertilizer will be thrown by the compost windrow turner for for the next 
fertilizer production process every day.
3. Screening machine, screening the fermented organic fertilizer, and separating out the large blocks and sundries, so as to facilitate the next crushing and packaging.
4. Crusher, which will separate out the large debris and stones in the screened organic fertilizer and then crush them, so as to ensure the beauty and quality of the products.
5. The premixing machine can ensure the stability of the product quality by premixing the screened and crushed organic fertilizer, and at the same time, it can play a role in mixing the special fertilizer and various compound fertilizers when adding fertilizer and trace elements.

1. The impact of processed products on the price of organic fertilizer equipment
The finished products of organic fertilizer equipment mainly include powdered organic fertilizer, granular organic fertilizer, liquid organic fertilizer, mixed fertilizer, and other different finished products. There are significant price differences. As mentioned earlier, the production line processing capacity of powdered organic fertilizer with small production capacity requires less than 100000 yuan in equipment prices to achieve mass production and processing. Granular organic fertilizer is a super large capacity organic fertilizer equipment that was customized and assembled for foreign customers in 2017, with an equipment investment of over 2 million yuan.
2. Different prices of organic fertilizer equipment due to different process technologies
The difference in the price of organic fertilizer production lines also lies in the difference in process selection. There are options for using dedicated organic fertilizer granulators as the core process production line, disk granulators as the core process production line, and rotary drum granulators as the core process of the production line. Of course, currently, it is generally recognized that the process production line with superior performance should be based on the organic fertilizer combined granulator.


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