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Puerto Vallarta is an amazing place for all kinds of travelers from around the world. However, the place is famous among nightlife lovers.

The Mandala is located in the heart of the downtown.The club shines a bit differently in the light of all bars and best nightclubs Vallarta. When you arrive at the place, you will see people from around theworld celebrating life. The place suits people who are looking to enjoy theirbachelorette; you and your friends will be filled with electrifying energy.Moreover, you get to experience the rush of dancing under a chandelier.

The La Santa is one of the exclusive clubs in PuertoVallarta. The club is known for getting frequent visits from popular celeb ontheir vacations. So, it is a good place to have fun along with some popularpeople. What makes La Santa a unique club from the other on the list is thein-hose DJ and light show. Now imagine yourself enjoying a night out havingchampagne with sparkling firecrackers sparkling in the sky. Definitely, youwould not like to miss such an ambiance if you are enthusiastic about clubbing.Besides, the club makes theme changes throughout the year, so every time you visit the clubs, it looks fresh and surprising to the clubbers.


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