Self-Enablement Life Coach
Self-Enablement Life Coach
Higher Self is known for Fast, Sustainable, and Powerful self-development. Increase your self-awareness and master your life through our life coaching or ...

Self-Enablement Life Coach

Manifest WellnessCounseling

Manifest LifeManifest Life - This module helps you tomanifest wellness, practicality, self-awareness, emotionality, sustainabilityin your life, allowing you to get root cause elimination solutions. Join us andreceive Mental Health Support & Coaching.

Through our profound learnings, tools, and methods, we'vecreated a powerful module for you that ensures rapid and sustainabletransformation so that you extract MAXX from your life.

What do you stand to gain?

Here are some benefits you will experience on this journeyof discovering yourself and transforming how you influence others

Our Promise

Practical Solutions

All our solutions originate from an in-depth understandingof human psychology, which means no preaching or lecturing. Instead, we focuson genuine, practical, and implementable solutions.

Focused on You

Comprehensive psychological analysis of your state of mind,emotions, beliefs, behaviors, and their underlying root causes. In effect, wegive you the exact solution that you need and save you from an unnecessaryoverload of information and life-consuming exercises.

Accurate Solutions

You are unique, as is your life and its problems. Thus, youneed and deserve a unique solution based on your present mindset and lifesituation, like a missing piece that completes the puzzle.

Dual Accountability

We lay down a step-by-step path for you with weeklymilestones in our Growth Map to create dual accountability, yours and ours, aswe embark on this meaningful journey with you.

All we care about is enabling and empowering you. Therefore,we help you understand and learn the ins and outs of everything. Our goal is tomake you a purposeful leader and not just a happy person.

No Dependency

Here are some features that prove our dedication and commitmentto getting you to live your best life.

About Us

We founded this organization with the purpose of 'Enabling'you to live a life of deep-rooted lasting happiness and increasing SelfAwareness.

We focus on perpetually increasing your self-awarenessthrough profound learning!

We have created simple and efficient ways of bringing aboutthe desired change in you. Every course, workshop, retreat, seminar, coaching,and all intervention we deliver promises not just to change but to transformyour life.

After all, our founding belief is that each one of us is'infinite,' and all we are looking for is some clarity to transform into ourHigher Selves.

Why Us?

All our solutions are not only filled with love, care andvalue but are also backed by a deep understanding of human psychology.

Nobody does it this good, nobody!

Psychological Monitoring

Our monitoring process allows you to gain a bird's-eye viewof your thoughts, feelings, and emotions throughout the tenure. Imagineobserving your own mind without any biases or judgments.

How powerful would that be?

Consistent Support

It's not only weekly sessions that you are getting into;instead, we build an environment to ensure you receive all the support neededfor your transformation. We stay connected through instant messages andtelephonic calls between our sessions; we hold your hands and take you to theother side.

Unlimited Sessions

We do not count sessions; we only measure what we have doneand how much more is needed to get you to your desired self. You get unlimitedsessions as long as you complete your share of commitments, such as given tasksand exercises. Now, that's unheard of, isn't it?

Understanding the definition of different emotions reallyhelped me sort things out. Thank you Santosh for such a clear and crispexplanation. Understanding and learning about emotions is something I believeeveryone should go through, this will really help you get a grip in your life.

Life Coaching with Santosh transformed me. I was at a haltfor more than 10 years working a Corporate activity I didn't care for.Following multi-month of working with him, I found a school to go to, mycertainty expanded in settling on a choice and I could push ahead. I finishedtaking the bundle from Corporate and now I have the activity I had alwayswanted. I am a Holistic Health Counselor. I see customers secretly and I docooking classes and workshops. I never envisioned what working with Santoshwould have done. An extraordinary affair yet, in addition, a vital one to getthings going in my life. I can't express gratitude toward him enough.

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