Several aspects that affect the price of organic fertilizer equipment for processing pig manure
Several aspects that affect the price of organic fertilizer equipment for processing pig manure

How many tons of pig manure to produce one ton of organic fertilizer? What processing equipment is needed? Generally speaking, when processing pig manure into organic fertilizer, if the raw material humidity remains constant, one ton of organic fertilizer will be produced for every two tons of pig manure.

The equipment for producing pig manure organic fertilizer includes: fermentation tipping machine, forklift silo, crusher, screening machine, automatic packaging scale, belt conveyor, etc.

There are various types of pig manure dumping machines, such as track type dumping machines, slot type dumping machines, wheel disc dumping machines, chain plate dumping machines, etc. Their prices are different. It is necessary to first determine which type of dumping machine is suitable for oneself before determining its price. In addition to differences in models, there are also several factors that affect price:

1. Manufacturer

Manufacturer factors can lead to certain differences in prices. Generally, powerful manufacturers are more standardized when manufacturing equipment. In order to create a good user reputation for their own enterprises, they often choose raw materials with caution, and the quality of raw materials will be screened to a certain extent. The produced pig manure tipping machine has better quality, low failure rate, and good usage effect. But the price is often a bit higher than some second rate small factories, because small production enterprises are likely to put in effort in raw material costs in order to reduce costs and increase competitiveness.

2. Different methods of fermentation equipment

The fermentation methods of organic fertilizers can be divided into three categories: strip pile fermentation, tank fermentation, and fermentation tank fermentation. Each fermentation method uses different fermentation equipment. The strip type fermentation uses a self-propelled tipping machine, the tank type fermentation uses a tank type fermentation tipping machine, and the fermentation tank fermentation uses specialized organic fertilizer fermentation tank equipment. The prices of the three are generally the most expensive in fermentation tanks, followed by self-propelled fermentation, and tank fermentation is the most cost-effective and commonly used.

3. Equipment output per hour

After determining the fermentation method, the selection range is basically narrowed down to a specific category. Then you need to choose specific equipment specifications based on your predicted annual output, such as slot type flip machines, which have widths ranging from 3 to 10 meters. The larger the output, the larger the equipment size you choose. The price of a pig manure flipper below 5 meters is 30000 to 50000 yuan, while those above 5 meters are even more expensive at 50000 to 100000 yuan. So, the final equipment price is still determined by production capacity and output.


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