The Different Characteristics of Slot Composter and Chain Plate Composter
The Different Characteristics of Slot Composter and Chain Plate Composter

Perhaps the most troublesome issue for farmers in recent years is the treatment of livestock and poultry manure. If it is not piled up, the environmental protection department should come to their doorstep. I want to sell it but I don't know who to sell it to. Nowadays, farmers are unwilling to use chicken manure for fertilization. Firstly, it's too smelly, and secondly, it's too troublesome. To produce organic fertilizers on a large scale, the raw materials are indeed insufficient. It is recommended that these small farms purchase an organic fertilizer fermentation equipment to simply ferment livestock and poultry manure, which greatly reduces the odor and meets the environmental protection requirements of the environmental protection department. Moreover, the fermented livestock and poultry manure is easier to store and transport, and can be sold to nearby farmers or large fertilizer factories for further processing.

The slot tipping machine is a type of tipping equipment that is matched with a fermentation tank. There are tracks installed on the top of both sides of the fermentation tank, and the tipping machine can run back and forth on the tracks. The general configuration of a slot type tipping machine is one machine with multiple slots, and the transfer of the tipping machine between fermentation tanks can be achieved through a transfer machine. The slot type tipping machine is mainly composed of a frame, tipping device, walking mechanism, cable drum device, electric control system, etc., mainly driven by electricity. The tank fermentation system has the advantages of small footprint, high composting depth (0.8-2.5 m), fast heating, and large processing capacity.

Chain plate composting machine is suitable for trough aerobic composting of organic solid waste such as animal manure, sludge waste, straw, etc. The walking system of this machine adopts the advantages of variable frequency speed regulation, good adaptability to different materials, stable operation, high stacking efficiency, and the ability to perform deep groove operations, effectively shortening the fermentation cycle, improving production efficiency and product quality. Adopting a variable frequency speed control walking system, it can adapt well to changes in workload. The walking speed can be flexibly adjusted according to the material resistance, making the equipment more adaptable and flexible. Optional mobile crane can be used to achieve multi tank equipment operation. With the capacity of the equipment allowing, simply adding a fermentation tank can expand the production scale and improve the equipment's value.


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