The role of roller extrusion granulator in the fermentation and granulation of cow manure
The role of roller extrusion granulator in the fermentation and granulation of cow manure

The application scope of the cow manure fermentation granulation production equipment to the roller extrusion granulation machine: it is suitable for various ratios of organic compound fertilizers, bio organic fertilizers, urban sludge, household waste organic fertilizers, etc. It fills the domestic gap and ranks at the leading level in China. It is a promotion project of national environmental protection practical technology, and chicken manure is rich in organic matter, which can provide the nutrients required for crop growth and improve soil fertility. There are various types of organic fertilizers, with a wide range of raw materials and ever-changing fertilizers.

The working principle of the roller extrusion granulator: Dry materials aggregate under pressure to form dense and hard large blocks (cakes), which is called the extrusion process; The process of crushing and screening the cake material into granules is called granulation.

The function of the roller squeezing granulator is to expel the air between the particles, and to make the distance between the particles close enough to generate attractive forces such as van der Waals force, adsorption force, crystal bridge, and embedded connection. The particle strength formed by squeezing granulation mainly relies on the force between molecules.

Price advantage of roller extrusion granulator:

1. Energy saving and consumption reducing extrusion granulation refers to the granulation of materials at room temperature, which does not require drying measures such as fuel and gas compared to other methods.

2. The commonly used production method for compound fertilizers in China without the need for additional adhesives is steam granulation. After condensation and crystallization between material molecules, water vapor acts as a binder during the manufacturing process. But during the drying process, the water inside and on the surface of the particles must be expelled, otherwise the fertilizer is prone to sticking and caking during storage. And dry granulation does not require additional additives, only utilizes the intermolecular forces of the material itself, simplifying the process and reducing energy consumption.

3. Low investment due to the elimination of the drying process and low return ratio (accounting for about 15% of the total feed volume of the extruder), the process flow is simple and the investment is low.

4. The flexible composition of raw materials for extrusion granulation production has a wide range of raw material routes. Currently, more than 20 types of materials have been successfully used for extrusion granulation, such as urea, ammonium chloride, calcium nitrate, potassium sulfate, etc. In addition, the use of extrusion granulation technology can flexibly achieve product formula replacement in a very short time, and a set of devices can produce more than 30 formula products.

5. Green environmental protection has no emissions of three wastes, and the ability to consume through extrusion granulation is only for electricity. Environmental protection has no emissions of three wastes, which is in line with the basic national policies on environmental protection and the development strategy of enterprise environmental protection.


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