Trial scope and characteristics of mobile slot stacker
Trial scope and characteristics of mobile slot stacker

Mobile trough type composting machine is a specialized equipment used to treat solid organic matter from livestock manure and achieve aerobic high-temperature composting. Suitable for the fermentation and turnover of organic waste such as livestock and poultry manure, sludge waste, sugar factory filter mud, tank residue cake, and straw sawdust, it is widely used in the fermentation and moisture removal operations of organic fertilizer plants, compound fertilizer plants, sludge waste plants, horticultural fields, and mushroom cultivation plants. It is the host of compost fermentation farms. By using this equipment, continuous production can be achieved, allowing compost raw materials to be fully oxygenated, fermented evenly, and partially drained of water, achieving the goal of harmless and resource utilization. Each flipping can ensure that every detail of the material is fully in contact with the air, replenishing oxygen, and draining water.

The equipment composition of the mobile tank type tipping machine includes a walking fermentation tank body, a walking track, a power supply device, a tipping and tipping part, and a turning device (also known as a tank changing car, mainly used for multi tank use).

The span of the mobile tank type stacker equipment can meet the requirements of the fermentation cycle. The length of the fermentation zone track can be selected within a certain range according to the processing capacity requirements. An increase in the length of the fermentation zone track can lead to a multiple increase in finished product production. The equipment adopts a track type operation mode, ensuring good reliability in the production process and minimizing energy consumption.

Features of mobile slot stacker:

1. Suitable for aerobic fermentation and can be used in conjunction with solar fermentation chambers, fermentation tanks, and transfer machines. It can achieve the function of multiple slots for one machine when used in conjunction with a mobile device.

2. The fermentation tank matched with it can both continuously discharge and batch discharge. High efficiency, stable operation, sturdy and durable, even flipping and throwing.

3. The control cabinet is centrally controlled and can achieve manual or automatic control functions.

4. Equipped with a soft starter, low impact load during startup.

5. Equipped with a gear extraction and pressure lifting system.

6. The tooth extraction is sturdy and durable, with a certain ability to break and mix materials.

7. The limit travel switch plays a limiting and safety role.


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