Understanding The Difference Between RPO And Staff Augmentation
To help you choose the strategy that is most successful and satisfy your requirements, let's compare RPO and staff augmentation.

Understanding The Difference Between RPO And Staff Augmentation

When a software firm or corporate IT department needs to cut personnel costs, accelerate project timeline or push beyond the scope of in-house resources, they often opt for technical staffing services. There are a variety of staffing models of outsourcing, such as IT Staff augmentation, project outsourcing or managed services that bring required talents in-house.

These models help you gain skilled engineers, designers, or developers to help the in-house teams. But these models pose some differentiations you should understand before opting for them. 

Let’s look at the difference between RPO and staff augmentation to assist you in deciding which approach is most effective and fits your present staff requirements and challenges. 

What Is RPO?

The RPO services allow you to pay for a specific, prearranged function and share the burden of risk with outsourcing vendors. An IT outsourcing company will train, recruit and manage a team of skilled professionals. The outsourced team handles the task of development that you set for them. 

RPO works under contracts that last for a particular period and involves a customized solution consisting of personnel and technology. It brings people, technology, process and metrics into a talent acquisition function. RPO service providers create a long-term partnership with the clients, maintaining the required constant and dedicated delivery of resources. 

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation differs from RPO or project outsourcing in several ways. Many companies try to gain significant technical expertise in designing, IT or software departments to obtain a competitive advantage. One of the efficient ways to do this is to keep costs low and maintain access to top-notch IT talents when required. 

Staff augmentation temporarily boosts the IT team with capable talents throughout the project or for a specific duration. It is one of the approaches that IT staff augmentation services can provide to help you hold on to the competition and ongoing demand. Therefore, staff augmentation will give you the confidence to induce a specialist experience and quality in-house resources

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