What is Creativity - the Mystique & Your 6-Step Roadmap
What is creativity Here we break down the mystique into key components and give you a 6 step roadmap to boost your creative skillset for widespread benefits

What is Creativity

What is creativityThis is an issue that philosophers, scientists, artists, psychologists, and mystics have long disputed. Despite this, no expert group or individual has come up with a single unified definition. Perhaps the lack of a cohesive response is instructive in and of itself. Definitions, by their very nature, limit or define a notion. They are useful in that they provide us with a framework — something that our logical, reasoning left brains can wrestle with and comprehend. 

However, creativity is limitless by definition. In the abstract, it exists and thrives. Even though this lovely skill is rooted in the inner workings of the right brain, neuroscientists know that it is significantly more complicated than simple right-brain dominance. It's all about neural network integration and cross-mapping. Whether it dominates in specific physiological regions or not, continuing neuroplasticity research demonstrates that the brain is capable of reallocating abilities to alternative structures, akin to localized outsourcing.


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