What Is The Role Of Business Intelligence (BI) In Pharmaceutical Industry?
Pharma BI tools can efficiently process and analyze pharma data, and provide insights with in-depth analytical reports and dynamic dashboards to evaluate various key parameters, and identify gaps and opportunities.

What Is The Role Of Business Intelligence (BI) In Pharmaceutical Industry?

How can Pharma And Healthcare organizations better manage the resources to produce results and maintain top-notch operational efficiency? The most correct answer is Business Intelligence (BI) in Pharmaceutical Industry. It helps pharma companies leverage every byte of data in their possession and take data-driven decisions for each aspect of business.

 The recent changes in the technological arena are affecting the success of clinical trials, sales, drug discovery and development, operational efficiency, and ultimately, the overall growth of the company. Advanced analytics platform and software like Power BI has become a favorite tool of global pharma companies due to the variety of ways it can positively impact how a company does business, serves its customers, and remain compliant at all costs.

 BI Pharma analytics can impact your company from the bottom line by empowering each department with powerful insights and reports. In this blog, we will discuss the critical role Business Intelligence plays in a healthcare organization:

 Financial Analysis and Operations

Most of the companies in the healthcare sector are inundated with data collected by manufacturers, R&D centers, and their own enterprise systems. This data is crucial for pharma companies to manage costs efficiently and create a realistic budget through in-depth analysis of data and the implementation of a data-driven strategy. BI tools allow organizations to analyze and estimate financial performance and develop the necessary financial reports in just a few minutes.

 Accelerate The Efficacy Of Clinical Trials

 Pharma business intelligence strategies can help pharma enterprises to reduce the cost and expedite clinical trials by identifying and analyzing multiple data points including the participants’ demographic and historical data, remote patient’s health data, and past clinical trial events data.

 By optimizing this entire process & identifying test sites with high patient availability, pharma companies can use pharmaceutical BI analytics to expedite disease diagnosis and design control groups and clinical trials more efficiently.

 Maximizing Sales & Marketing Operations

 By capturing key data sources, business intelligence can help healthcare providers to identify new markets, and analyze the efficiency of multiple marketing channels to prioritize efforts and gain a competitive edge. It will help to understand the performance of sales reps; enables you to make effective capital and resource allocation decisions. Pharmaceutical businesses are witnessing increased effectiveness of their sales &marketing strategies after implementing Power BI.

 Increase Drug Research And Development

 The pharmaceutical industry is looking to accelerate the process of bringing a new drug to market. By scrolling through vast datasets of scientific publications ,academic research papers, clinical trials, control group data, and running predictive algorithms with BI tools, pharmaceutical analytics can help you make more intelligent decisions to accelerate the process of drug research and development. 

 Capture Important Data From Digital Channels 

 By scraping through immense swathes of internet data including websites, social media channels, etc., pharma firms can tap into what conversations people are having online around, for instance, regarding the company’s product launch, effectiveness, & their competitors.

It will help them better understand how their product is being reviewed and utilized. By capturing additional data that may include safety-related concerns from the digital marketing channel conversations, the information can be quickly sent to the concerned department to address that issue in time so that the company’s reputation will not go down.

 Improve Compliance

 Certainly, Pharmaceutical and healthcare are the two sectors that are overburdened with an increasing number of rules and regulations. Firms in these industries are tied up with numerous compliances by various regulating bodies such as the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA), FDA, along with the local regulations that must be adhered to. Business intelligence tools for the pharmaceutical industry are increasingly used by drug makers to analyze complex legal environments, identify the gaps in the safety of current drugs, and ensure consistent regulatory compliance.

 ESS’BI Solutions and Services For The Pharmaceutical Industry

 Eastern Software Systems (ESS) helps enterprises channelize and transform their crucial business data gathered from multiple data points into easy-to-understand data visualizations and reports by providing Business Intelligence Solutions and Services. Designed on the Power BI Platform, our BI solutions give you in-depth business insights into your pharma data by tracking all your important metrics and KPIs in real-time and help you achieve excellence in business performance. With ESS’s industry-specific customized BI dashboards and reports, you can connect multiple internal and external data sources, format them in required options, and analyze that from multiple dimensions.

 If you want to harness Big Pharma Data through BI advanced analytics techniques, then contact us for our customized BI Solutions and Services at marketing@essindia.com


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