Why Enterprises are Opting Intelligent ERP software For Retail With Integrated POS System?
Intelligent ERP software for Retail With an Integrated Smart POS System facilitates fast purchasing and data transactions through electronic cash registers or other electronic devices like magnetic card readers, optical and barcode scanners, or combinations of these.

Modern Retail Enterprises like you are always on the lookout for ways to give their business a competitive edge. Being a fast-paced B2C industry and heavily influenced by customer demands, that fluctuate and change within a very short span of time, this industry witnesses cut-throat competition and requires multi-capability Intelligent  ERP Software for Retail with integrated Point of Sale (POS). It provides real-time stock visibility across all departmental levels in order to serve customers efficiently.  

As opposed to standalone legacy retail POS software, modern Intelligent ERP with built-in smart POS software like ebizframe is Omni channel ready with unified e-commerce capabilities. It can be operated in multi-store, and centrally connected to one single database with real-time updates. Being capable of handling multi-currency payments and significantly reducing the transaction processing time, it ensures quick and accurate multi-store billing. Read on to learn more about the key attributes and advantages this new-age enterprise solution offers to retail industrialists.

Characteristics Of Intelligent ERP Software for Retail With Integrated Smart POS System

Intelligent  ERP Software for Retail With an Integrated Smart POS System facilitates fast purchasing and data transactions through electronic cash registers or other electronic devices like magnetic card readers, optical and barcode scanners, or combinations of these. Following are some attributes of smart integrated retail ERP software- ebizframe:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Rapid card processor
  • Quick checkout process
  • Reduced transaction time
  • Effortless barcode scanning
  • Accurate inventory tracking
  • Detailed customer data management
  • Ensure compliance
  • Convenient mobility
  • Coherent employees management

Critical Factors and Shopping Trends That Have Triggered The Demand for Intelligent ERP for Retail  With POS System

Unlocked Capabilities of AI

AI-powered POS systems help retail professionals to capture and analyze vast amounts of data and derive valuable business insights to make informed decisions. It leads to promising integrated automation that enables data processing from multiple payment terminals in real-time.

Omnichannel Retailing

Beneficial for gaining visibility over multiple shopping platforms and increasing customer base, omni-channel retailing requires connectivity in real-time for all the processes. Investing in Intelligent ERP Software for Retail  integrated with a smart POS system can help you maintain synchronized inventory and sales records throughout your sales channels.

Accelerated Online Shopping

To manage accelerated online sales specifically post-covid, retailers are impelled to invest in modern ERP with POS solution to streamline operations and deliver better customer service.

Enhance Customer Experiences and Loyalty

Enabling customers to pay for their purchases through the payment mode of their choice, an integrated smart POS system follows a secure way of collecting payments, thus keeping the customers' important data confidential, like credit/debit card information. Thereby, it makes the entire payment process seamless, helping you deliver excellent customer service and win their loyalty.

Improve Cash-Flow Management

With an embedded POS system, Intelligent ERP Software for Retail  is smart enough to display a complete view of cash transactions done from all your payment touchpoints on a daily basis from a single platform. It allows retail enterprises to comprehend and bifurcate their cash, credit card, and mobile payments.

Manage Inventory Accurately

The intelligent ERP with POS capability can update the inventory automatically as soon as a product is sold, exchanged, or returned. After receiving a specific SKU in a point-of-sale system, it can process the transaction, collect the payment, and automatically update the inventory count. Thus, it eliminates your worry about low stock issues or overselling instances.

Why Choose ebizframe Intelligent ERP With POS System For Your Retail Business?

ebizframe Intelligent ERP software for Retail  With smart POS system helps you keep an accurate inventory count at your fingertips that leads to flawless retail business management and ultimate customer satisfaction. When it comes to running a retail business successfully, the smart decision is to select the right enterprise system with a built-in POS system. Using this software, you can extensively customize your payment channels and function exactly the way you need. It is easy to deploy and use - making it a perfect choice for all scales of retail companies around the world. Further, depending on your business size and requirements you can choose the one that best suits you- ERP on cloud or ERP on-premise.

For the latest Intelligent ERP Software  for Retail With an Integrated POS system, contact us now at marketing@ebizframe.com


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