Why Google Workspace & MS Office 365 Needs Cloud Backup?
Both Google workspace and MS Office 365 do not guarantee data backup. In fact, they say to go for third-party backup solutions. Keep your data safe with a Cloud backup solution from Datanet.

Why Google Workspace & MS Office 365 Needs Cloud Backup?

Google workspace and MS Office 365 dominate the office suite market. Both are continuously improving to prove their dominance. A significant difference between these two SAAS applications is availability. Google workspace is available online, while Microsoft is both offline and online. Earlier, Microsoft was available offline, but now its MS365 suite is shifted to the cloud as well. 


Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 each offer distinct advantages that make them indispensable in many businesses. Thus, the data associated with these applications is crucial. However, this information infrequently in jeopardy. According to a report of TechRepublic, 40% of SaaS application customers had experienced data loss. That's why it's vital to have a cloud-to-cloud backup solution that backs up this critical data. Here are the reasons why Google workspace and MS Office 365 needs cloud backup solutions

Accidental Data Deletion

Files and folders can be removed inadvertently or on purpose. A well-intentioned employee may delete the incorrect file by mistake. They may potentially overwrite the incorrect file with fresh data, resulting in data loss. A malevolent or unhappy employee may destroy files on purpose, resulting data loss. These are circumstances that do not address by Google workspace or MS Office 365. Cloud backup solutions can help you in this situation. With cloud backup, your data will be stored miles away from the reach of anyone. Only those with credentials can access it.

Malicious Attacks

A hostile attacker might modify or cause data loss in the Office365 or Google G Suite environment after obtaining or stealing user credentials. Files may be destroyed, or information may be altered, resulting in data loss. If this happens, then you will need a data recovery option. Even in this case, nothing is better than backup on Cloud.

Protection From Ransomware

Ransomware is, without a doubt, one of the most dangerous cyberthreats today. This is true whether the data is stored locally or on the cloud. Ransomware encrypts data invisibly and silently, rendering it unrecoverable in the absence of the secret key required to decode the encrypted data. The harm would have been done by the time you will know about the attack. 


If you are running a business, doesn’t matter a startup or an enterprise. Cloud backup is the way to go. Get data backup on Cloud for your Google workspace or MS office 365, whatever you use. It will not only ensure data safety but also data recovery. Moreover, if you are looking for a reliable yet cheap cloud backup solution, then none can match the competency of Datanet. As a partner of the world’s leading cloud backup provider Acronis, Datanet offers the best and cheapest cloud backup solutions with 24/7 customer support.  


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