Yemle rebirth
A fresh start for Yemle, the best bookmarking websitesite

For many years the Yemle website has been one of the most popular bookmarking sites on the net.

After a neglected period, the site comes back to life renewed. 

  • New logo
  • New high-performance server
  • Optimised SQL database
  • New automatic approval policy 

User-generated content will be approved quickly and will enjoy greater visibility.
Sponsored content on the front page will be limited by giving much more space to user content.
New posts may appear on the home page based on their daily popularity.

How the new automatic approval procedure works (soon available)

Both text and images will be checked:

  • Plagiarism checker - original content
  • Images - avoid nude, pornography and not suitable for sensitive audiences
  • Text - avoid bad words, they will be detected

Some tips for quick post approval

Write a good quality, original and useful content. Do not limit the length of your article to two or tree paragraphs. Explain in deep your topic, use specific keywords, make questions and answer your own questions. Cite sources.

Link building done right 

We all know why you are posting here. You are here to advertise your products or contents and to send traffic to your website. We don't have anything against this, this is exactly the purpose with which the site was created. 

But remember that if your post is just a copy of something else or a short and useless you are just wasting your time. At the same time you don't want to lose your time posting a good article on a website full of poor contents with low rating. So we are doing our best to take Yemle back at the top applying a filter before approvals.

Write a good post and do it professionally so that it will be indexed in Google and other Search Engines. You will receive good organic traffic and  you will boost your SERP with highly relevant backlinks.


If you want to advertise your content here, no problem it is free. Just remember to write useful and interesting content; otherwise your post will not be approved. But if you want to have it featured or appear in the home page above most viewed contents, then contact us an we will send you a quotation.


We wish everyone a good time on the site and recommend that you produce valuable content.


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